Founded in 2020 by a small team of Vancouver restaurateurs and software entrepreneurs, FromTo was born from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that if local restaurants are going to survive the coming year, we'll need to do things differently.

Our friends and colleagues are small business owners and restaurateurs. Their staff and their suppliers, including Canadian farmers and fishers, have all been impacted, and we've lost a great many businesses already.


That's why we came together to build FromTo.


Restaurant delivery has surged during the pandemic, and multinational corporations with delivery apps that charge hefty prices have benefited the most. Restaurants have been forced to rely on these delivery apps for their survival, but the upwards of 30% service fee they have to pay cut deep into their profit margins. Many of these corporations are not based in Canada, and their profits don't benefit our communities in any way. 

We believe in a more sustainable way of doing business. Our goal is to connect our local communities with the businesses they want to support directly.

By using FromTo, you are supporting local Canadian businesses and the restaurants you love in your community.



Owner Pidgin Restaurant & FromTo partner

FromTo is a community-first delivery platform that supports local restaurants and businesses in your neighbourhood. Our low cost model benefits our restaurant and driver partners where they need it the most. Our priority is keeping business where it belongs, locally.

Our values

We strive for equality in all we do and how we work. We are transparent and open in all aspects of our business, from the fees we charge to how we operate. We want to support all our stakeholders-–customers, restaurants, and drivers-–fairly and equitably.

We believe in building a business that best serves our community by keeping things local. Everything we do is with our friends, families, and neighbours in mind. 


We believe in sustainable business models and investing in our community. We support local restaurants by not charging outrageous delivery commissions; we support our drivers, who are our neighbours and community-members; and we support customers by ensuring they get the delivery service they need in a transparent, fair and reliable way, while keeping their dollars in the community they live in.

Thank you for your support

Deliver with FromTo

Keep more of what you earn working with us. 100% of the driver-fee and tip goes straight in your account, and you always have access to a human dispatcher.