1. Our customers pay a flat fee of $6.50 on every order, which goes directly to the driver. No minimums, with a tip option to show drivers extra love.

2. Restaurants keep 100% of the food order cost. There are no hidden fees for them and no inflated menu prices for customers.

3. FromTo does everything to maximize the benefit and support our restaurant and driver partners receive from customers.

Why choose us

We believe in FromTo's low-to-no fee delivery model because it is simple, fair, and sustainable: 

  • Restaurants aren't charged outrageous fees and stand a better chance of staying in business*
  • Drivers earn a sustainable fee per delivery, get to keep 100% of their tips, and get paid directly
  • Every dollar spent goes right back into our local communities where it belongs

FromTo was started by local, independent restaurateurs who came together not to make a profit off an app, but to find a better way to stay in business and serve our customers directly. 

Every time you choose to order with us at FromTo, we are grateful to you for supporting your local restaurants, their staff, and the farmers who supply them.

*During the pandemic, we are operating at cost to benefit our partners where they need it the most

Thank you for your support

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Support favourite local Vancouver restaurants by ordering directly through FromTo. We charge zero fees to our partners during the pandemic.