Our Fee Model


Customer Pays:  Order + Tax + Net Driver Fee + Tip

Restaurant Receives: Order + Tax - Driver Fee Subsidy - C/C Fee - FromTo Fee

Driver Receives:  Driver Fee + Tip


Order: The price of the food ordered by a customer.
Tax: The taxes on the Order (such as GST).
Driver Fee: The fee for every Order delivery that is passed through directly to the customer.  The Driver Fee is currently $6.50.
Restaurant Driver Fee Subsidy: A restaurant may choose to pay for part of the Driver Fee to reduce the cost of delivery for the Customer.  This is optional at the discretion of the restaurant
Net Driver Fee: Driver Fee – Driver Fee Subsidy (if any).
Tip : Any gratuity the customer chooses to give to the driver over and above the Driver Fee.
CC Fee: The credit card processing fee associated with the total online transaction, passed through to the restaurant at cost.
FT Fee: The fee FromTo receives per order, currently $0