Sustainably priced food delivery.  From suppliers to restaurants.  From restaurants to you.




To build a food delivery platform that doesn’t detract from it’s customer’s brands at the expense of its own.  Where restaurants, suppliers and independent drivers come together to facilitate the growth of each other’s businesses at fair prices. 

Partner with you.   Create an alternative.




They say necessity is the mother of invention.  In this case, it’s a bit more like survival.

COVID-19 changed everything.  Before it, many restaurants viewed delivery as an add-on to their businesses.  Now, the industry is in serious peril.  Even as restaurants begin to reopen, the restrictions mandated by our health authorities for the foreseeable future cast doubt on every restaurant’s profitability and consequently, the viability of the industry.  This will threaten the security of not only the 1.2 M Canadian restaurant employees, but also the countless fishers, farmers and other food and beverage suppliers who rely on restaurants for their livelihood.  In the event of a second wave of the COVID virus, the only hope for many restaurants and their supply chains will be to incorporate food delivery into their operations.

Partially as a result, the dependence on third-party multinational delivery providers has exploded.  But the reality is that these providers are compounding the problem faced by restaurants, charging commissions and fees ranging from 20-35% of the gross price of an order.  The result is essentially a parasitic relationship, with traditional brick and mortar restaurants barely breaking even or sometimes losing money with each and every dish they have delivered.

In addition, most of these delivery providers aren’t Canadian, moving their non taxable earnings outside the communities they serve.  Their enormous marketing budgets erode customer relationships with restaurants and force drivers into a complicated and obscure payment model.  These providers have access to unlimited venture capital funding, able to lose millions of dollars per year while killing local competition.

Take out and delivery must be a greater part of any success that most restaurants hope to achieve in the future.  FromTo’s team comes from the restaurant and software industries, and our goal is to provide a low-cost, sustainable delivery and e-commerce platform for restaurants that so desperately need it.  We hope you’ll be our partner in that achieving that goal.